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Owi School, a Weekend Jail Diversion Program.

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Our weekend OWI jail diversion program is an alternative to jail for people convicted of first-offense operating while intoxicated.

Along with being an alternative to jail, our program provides the mandatory Iowa Department of Transportation Drinking Drivers Education training over 48 consecutive hours, all in one weekend. COURT APPROVAL IS A MUST TO ATTEND. Time spent at our program will count as the mandatory two days in jail.


Classes are held at a hotel where students spend their weekends in a casual atmosphere and educational setting. Students may wear casual clothing. All the meals are catered. Limited smoke breaks are provided. You will share a hotel room unless you pay extra for a private room.

All instructors are certified by the Prevention Research Institute in compliance with the Iowa Department of Transportation's requirements for driver's license reinstatement. We teach the Prime for Life curriculum. 


Substance abuse assessments are available for an additional fee. 

 This is NOT a treatment program. It is an educational program.


Thank you for choosing Urban Dreams.

Legal Alternative

The UD OWI - Jail diversion program provides an alternative to traditional criminal persecution for individuals charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Individuals in the program can avoid or reduce the legal consequences associated with an OWI conviction, such as fines, license suspension, or incarceration.

Driving Privileges

Completing the program may result in early reinstatement or restoration of your driving privileges, giving you the freedom to commute, support your family and actively participate in your community.

Substance Abuse Education

We’re here to support your recovery journey to help you gain access to substance abuse treatment programs designed to help you overcome addiction and develop healthy coping skills.

Reduced Stigma

Participating in a UD - Jail diversion program offers the individual the chance to overcome the stigma associated with an OWI offense by taking proactive steps toward rehabilitation. Participants are willing to address their actions, seek help, and work toward positive change.



Cedar Rapids

Charles City

Sioux City

Fort Dodge

Council Bluffs

Des Moines

OWI Class Locations


What Clients Say

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping people like me learn our triggers and move on from our OWI's. I just completed the course taught by an Urban Dreams instructor and found it to be a great program along with him being personable, likable, and knowledgeable".

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